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A Passion for Gardening
My ancestors were Romanian and Russian. I am a first generation American on my father’s side. He emigrated from Tecuci, Romania, to Tampa, Florida, at age 10 in 1920.
His family, Romanian Jews, all grew vegetable and flower gardens both in what they called ‘the Old Country’ and in south Florida.

Maybe that’s how I come by my interest in gardening. I really didn’t experience creating my own gardens until I was living in Wisconsin after graduating from college, when my dear friend Jeannette and I decided to grow vegetables in a little plot several miles from our apartment.
She taught me most of what I know about gardening, and so did the joys, trials and tribulations of trying to control nature. Now, I maintain a small vegetable garden in Black Earth, Wisconsin.
Because I live in a storefront with an apartment above, I have no yard in the city. For nearly 20 years, I have maintained several pocket gardens in the curbs and easements around the neighborhood. I plant and maintain perennials, some shrubs, a few trees and small conifers and a sampling of annuals. I grow an annual flower garden under a drainpipe, a perennial pink and blue garden, a drama garden, with perennials of clashing colors and a garden under a honey locust tree, which is my attempt at calm elegance.

Gardening is a pleasure and sometimes a heartbreak. It’s a creative outlet for me, with very little attachment to outcomes. That’s a relief in my life and work!


garden photo of Painter's Palette

Painter’s Palette

garden photo of a Batik Iris

Batik Iris

Birch Tree by Maniheune


garden photo of a Ruby Spider Day Lily

Ruby Spider Day Lily