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Creative Movement

Move! Learn! Imagine!

The program I have developed, enhancing the overall education of the young child by integrating the workings of mind and body, is called “MOVE! LEARN! IMAGINE!”
“MOVE! LEARN! IMAGINE!” offers many possibilities for fostering cooperative learning experiences. Chances for failure are lessened because young children draw from their own resources while learning. This is a way to introduce dance, movement and drama to young children in a nurturing environment. This program builds self-esteem, stimulates problem solving and offers a dynamic creative outlet for developing young children, while focusing on mind and body connection.
Dance/creative movement class class
My approach is conceptual. By using word cues, I work with children to get them to respond from their own understanding and imagination. I am looking for creative responses from children, rather than modeling anything for them.
I use the tools of dramatic storytelling, song and music to help build an environment conducive to educational exploring. The content is fun and organized at the same time. Class time is structured by opening with a circle, discussing the ideas and concepts to be explored, warm-ups, stretches, work on the idea for the day and closing in a circle. Attention to each and every child’s individual concerns is a priority.
In class, I introduce the elements of dance: space, time, energy and how the body uses these elements when making dances. This is done in a manner and language understandable to young children.
Basic locomotor patterns, walk, run, gallop, jump, slide, hop, skip, leap, turn, are introduced. Body movements, bending, stretching, turning, twisting, swinging, swaying, pushing, pulling, rising, falling, are explored. Attention is given to ways in which we use the space around us and how the body makes still and moving shapes in space. The concept of time is dealt with by exploring beat and rhythm, tempo or speed of movement, length or duration of movement, accent of the movement. The elements of energy in dance are studied, i.e., weight, balance, strength, flow.

A substantial amount of time is devoted to original imaginative stories, which I tell as the children move. They are given the opportunity to pretend, day dream, make believe, about fantastic places, i.e., “jelly blue glue planet,” “the land of pink ink,” “zig-zag land.” Learning through movement and drama can be an exciting, fun and stimulating way to explore the world. The teacher has much to learn from the child, in the process of instruction. Respectful communication from adult to child, child to adult and child to child makes an environment conducive to learning and growing. Facilitating opportunities for creative expression in young children fosters self-esteem, awareness and respect for others and oneself.
Move! Learn! Imagine!
Movement and Drama for Children. A nurturing introduction to dance, movement, and drama using storytelling, song, and music to spark a creative physical response. For ages 3-9.
How to Register
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2017 Fall Schedule
Day Level Time Dates Fee Information
Thursday 3–6 yo 4:30–5:30 PM September 14 – November 17 9 weeks = $90

Comfortable clothing, suitable for moving, is requested.
Classes will be held at: 1957 WINNEBAGO STREET, MADISON, WISCONSIN 53704
PLEASE MAIL PAYMENT by September 7, 2017. A LATE REGISTRATION FEE OF $15 will be assessed if registration is received after September 7, 2017.
• One hour class: $10.00 per class x no. of weeks, payable, in full, by September 7 (session fee of $90).
• Single class fee $13, payable at class.

Rev. August 19, 2017
Donna Peckett, a professional working artist, choreographer, actor and arts educator, is producing artistic director of TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater. She is the recipient of two Wisconsin Arts Board choreographer’s fellowships and a recognition award from the Wisconsin Dance Council. She earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Donna works with people from ages 3 – 80+ in a variety of perspectives. She is an avid gardener and cook and believes that positive social change can happen through the arts.