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Edgewood College

In 2009, thanks to the vision and energy of Professor Jeanne Leep, I was hired by Edgewood College as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Theatre Arts.

Edgewood is a small Dominican educational institution with deep roots in the Madison community.
The course I teach, “Tap Dance: Technique and Multi-cultural Perspectives,” gives me the opportunity to impart my interest in and knowledge of the rich cultural history of one of America’s original art forms, Rhythm Tap Dance. Born of a fusion of African polyrhythmic music and movement and Irish step dance, American rhythm tap weathered the storms of discrimination and injustice from its early beginning in the 1600s to the 21st century. Through sheer human perseverance, artistry and courage, the form grew, thrived, declined, resurfaced and continues today.

Studying the rich history of American rhythm dance can offer students new perspectives on the social, political and cultural history of America.

COR 479: Search In/Speak Out

COR 479 was facilitated by Donna Peckett, Edgewood College Adjunct Instructor, Department of Theatre Arts. Special thanks to Susan Pastor, Associate Director of COR, Kristine Mickelson, Dean of the School of Integrative Studies, Carol Griskavich, Administrative Coordinator, COR/Human Issues.

Donna Peckett - Professor Tap's Office Hours

Professor Tap’s Office Hours